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about us

As Çınar Tekstil Aksesuar İmalat, we have come to these days in line with mutual trust with our customers, and we continue our way without compromising on quality within the framework of friendship and tolerance.
The close friendships we provide with our customers in our portfolio are our most important feature that distinguishes us from other companies. Calling our company with quality service and customer satisfaction will bring us new friendships.
Having the privilege of working with our company, which includes many brands and products, will bring us great happiness and open new horizons in our understanding of service.

The products we manufacture are cloth rubber, transparent and frosted transparent bra strap, transparent, plastic, nickel, zamak, plastic coated metal setting-ring-hook, swimsuit buckle, puerperal buckle.

Shipping and delivery

We deliver our products all over Istanbul. If you wish, you can come to our office and receive the products you want from our stocks. We provide shipping to anywhere in Turkey, we negotiated the cargo.


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